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Spam Messages- SHADY APP

They have sent me 3 spam messages this week already from different numbers even though I have never had this app before or given them my phone number. Do not download this app unless you want them stealing your contacts and sending spam messages to them.


IRL keeps crashes every time I try to add a picture to my account.

Random non-consented text

I got a text saying that a friend complimented me. I never heard of this app nor did I give this app any of my information! Where the hell did you get my number from?


i keep getting messages that someone complimented me even though i’ve never downloaded the app. how do you guys have my number and why am i on your app? that’s messed up and wrong.


Not yet


I keep getting text messages in my phine saying someone complemented me and includes a link to download the app. The app requires my phone number. No thanks.


Before getting the app I kept getting text messages saying someone complimented me. Although I haven’t signed up or entered my iPhone number anywhere

The names...

I would say that I like this app, however that would be if I could even use it! The naming system needs some work, as once someone has a name it is theirs. Once this is changed, i will re-review this actually giving this app a fair shot. This is in no way meant as an insult, but as constructive criticism.

Try it out

Seems like a fun pastime on my phone

Stupid App

I downloaded this app just so I could write this review, I will not be opening the app, I’m deleting it after this. I’m extremely mad that nowhere have I given this app permission to contact me and I have received two texts. I’m not interested in receiving anymore. There’s no reason I should be getting texts I didn’t ask for. Fix this problem.

Absolute scam

I received a text saying “someone complimented me” and i had to download the app to see. Of course i looked at reviews to see how the app was, and saw a lot of people saying it would randomly text their contacts to get them to download it. I decided to put it to the test. And sure enough i downloaded it and allowed it to share my contacts and it automatically texted my girlfriend and aunt inviting them. DO NOT download this app, wish i could give 0 stars

Screen issues

Haven’t used the app much, just downloaded it and it seems to not agree with iPhone+ phones, as the top and bottom of the screen is black and seems to be cut off

Stop sending me messages

I am sick and tired of getting spammed with random messages saying “You’ve been complimented” I don’t care if I have. I wish I knew how to report a app.

stop texting me

i’ve received two text messages from this app in the past two weeks. two separate numbers as i blocked the first number immediately. any app that is collecting phone numbers from people to contact them to download their app and collect more information is beyond sketchy. i want to be removed from this app completely. i had to download the app just to review it and request this. read in the reviews the developer claims the newest update to the app makes it possible to learn about the app without offering information but that’s clearly a blatant lie as the only thing you can do on the app is give your phone number and agree to terms and conditions. i assume there’s something past this but i don’t want this company having my phone number in the first place so i’m sure as hell not entering it or agreeing to anything.

Spam app

Got a text message with the app link from a number i couldn’t call back

What a waste.

This could be really cool, but in fact seems like such a waste. I asked them to provide information with who nominated me, or who gave them my phone number. They wanted all kinds of personal information, and never answered my question one time.


So far I don’t get it. I was complemented anonymously (odd) and directed to the app. So far the app offers very little in terms of value. It wants me to create connections. For what? It still hasn’t told me “who” originally connected me to this thing and my working assumption is that it was spam. Delete commencing in 3, 2, 1...

Pretty Neat

I haven’t had this app for very long but I think it’s Pretty Neat. Not only is it just designed so very cute, but it’s easy to navigate too. I like how you can only compliment others, however when I want to nom a specific friend who’s not listed in the given options from my contacts it won’t work for me? Unless it’s not supposed to then I don’t know why being able to choose someone yourself is an option? Anyways I think this a cool concept; for some reason it seems like an even better way to be able to make plans then just texting or group chatting; seems cleaner. Like, there’s specific polls you can create so people can vote on things they want for the activities you invite them to which is so handy cause then it’s not 10 people arguing in imessage and now you have to scroll back and forth to see what’s what, instead it’s all right there in ordered votes! There’s a lot more but basically it seems so organized and it’s nice to see the developers so interactive in their own creation, I’ve seen so many replies to the reviews and the ability to recommend activities is pretty cool, which I’m totally about to abuse 😂 4/5, easy 😃


I downloaded this app jut because I am SICK AND TIRED of getting messages saying that someone complimented me LEAVE ME ALONE AND STOP TEXTING ME I DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE APP AND I DOWNLOADED IT JUST TO WRITE A REVIEW SO LEAVE ME ALONE

Got a weird message from this app

I got a weird message saying “Someone complimented you! See more on IRL:” with a link to the app. I have no idea what that means and I have never even heard of this app before but I got the app to see what this was all about. It asked me for my date of birth which I’m reluctant to give after that that text. Someone explain why I got that text and what this is.


Very new so none of my friends are on it, but I think it has potential if it gets more popular.


I got some creepy text saying “Someone complimented you!” If i could I would kill the person who sent that and who made this app.

Could I give a half star???

Read the reviews before downloading


I do not own this app but I have been constantly spammed through text with a link to this app. I’ve told them multiple times to refrain from messaging this number, but they continue to do so anyways. As I said earlier, I do not own this app but I am unwilling to download an app that is run by developers who spam people to download their app.


You should stop sending random messages it’s not cute, it’s creepy

Stop invading privacy

Firstly I will say that the interface it cute. That’s the only nice thing I have to say. This app says that my friend “nominated” me when everyone I know says they didn’t. After I was sent a download link through my PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER and I downloaded the app to see what it was, my family members began receiving texts saying that someone had “nominated” them. I see that MANY other customers have had this problem and all the developers say is “that’s impossible”, as if they don’t understand that glitches and bugs are real things that exist and instead of ignoring their customers, they should check into it. It makes me feel like it’s all a ploy to get personal information. Who needs an app to plan things with their friends anyway? There are already several ways to contact each other and in my opinion this is useless. If I thought it was just a free harmless app then I wouldn’t say anything but these random texts are annoying as well as the fact that they are essentially sending them to YOUR contacts THEMSELVES without YOUR PERMISSION. I do not take kindly to that. I WILL BE REPORTING THIS APP FOR SPAM AND INVASION OF PRIVACY.

This is a scam

I didn’t consent to you spamming my phone. This is a free app with no in app purchases. You are clearly selling our information. You’re toxic and I can’t wait for apple to remove this app like it did with Gather.


Yo, this app gave me kidney stones


I downloaded this app just to write this review. If I could give one star I would. I get text all the same time about this stuff and I hate it


This app is pretty cool, and I like both the idea and the layout. Not many people I know are on it, but that’s a me problem, not an app problem, lol

Gets too much info from you

I’ve never had the app or even heard of it when I got a text saying I got a “nom” and to “check it out”. Downloaded it to see what was going on and they take not just your location, but every single number in your phone and text those numbers if you “nom” someone who isn’t on the app. Just a creepy way to get more downloaders like me.


Received unwanted spam on my phone by text message promoting this app in a deceptive way.


I never downloaded this app but I keep receiving text messages saying I was “nominated” for various things. I cant find a way to stop these messages and I don't know how they have my number in the first place.

Sending me spam.

I recently got a random text from a random number telling me I had a like or something with links to this app for both the App Store and Google play. Never will I download an app where the company spams people to drum up a user base. This is garbage. Hard pass.


Very well organized

Here’s why this is a bad idea

Here’s why this is a bad idea: the app itself is a nice idea. It’s kind of like the new tbh. But I just got a text from an unknown number and after reading reviews I found out that someone pressed allow access to contacts and now this app has my number, name, and school. No thank you. I will not be using this app because I have more than just friends in my contacts. I have my parents, teachers, and my boss and I don’t want them to be getting texts from some shady number because of me. I will probably be contacting the company to see about getting my number out of their system.

My phone number was added to this app and I don’t use the app.

I texted the company to ask them to remove the number but they said the wouldn’t remove it. One of the operators named “Heather” didn’t help at all. If an operator sees this, remove my number and don’t give me the whole “We can’t remove your number” bull crap. I feel like someone is stalking me and I said I wanted my number removed so remove it!

The best app

I like this app

I did not consent to being contacted with a text message

This app is a scam and what they are doing is illegal. According to the FCC’s TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations, it is illegal to automatically contact a customer over text or phone call without their explicit written consent. I was not given any sort of clear and conspicuous disclosure that I would be contacted by the company providing this app’s services and I will be reporting this app to the FCC for violating the TCPA. In case the developers are not aware of what “clear and conspicuous disclosure” means, here’s a list of what they need t do before they start automatically testing people: Identify each specific company to whom consent is being provided Identify the consumer’s phone number Indicate a clear and affirmative agreement (i.e., I agree/ consent) Disclose that the consumer is authorizing the seller to engage in telemarketing (i.e., to receive offers related to the seller’s products or services) Disclose that the calls will be made using automated technology Disclose that the consumer is not required to provide consent as a condition of purchasing products or services Obtain the consumer’s signature (either electronically through E-SIGN or handwritten) None of these things were done and I am livid. I have now been texted several times, which means that my information was disclosed by another person without my consent. I am livid and I will be reporting this app to the FCC.


Don’t send people text messages, even if the person who picked me “allows” it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some poor sap who didn’t know what they were doing. If someone wants to tell me about an app, (which I doubt they would, no app is that good) THEY can text me about it. I don’t want a text from the app or its developers telling me about the app. It’s invasive. And don’t give me the crap you’ve been giving other people, such as “we’re sorry you feel this way,” because what you are doing is, BY DEFINITION, spam. According to Merriam-Webster, spam is “unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as emails, text messages, or internet postings) send to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places.” It’s not me “feeling” this way, what you are doing is textbook spam. If you REALLY want to do something like that for marketing, do it through Facebook since people send requests on there all the time. I’ll ignore it anyway, but at least it won’t be as invasive as sending a text message. I bet I won’t even get a reply because they know I’m right, but don’t threaten me by saying that these are “reckless” claims like you did with that other guy. It just makes you a bully, and you’re trying to bully him out of telling the truth. Get your app off the App Store. I’ll be reporting you to Apple regardless. I’ve already texted stop and tried to block the number and you still just change the number and text me again. I’m not sending you an email because I don’t want you to get that nor my phone number because lord knows what you’ll use that for. Nobody I know uses this app, and even if they did they wouldn’t “nominate” me (especially not willingly - I suspect you do it without permission). If the purpose of this app is to communicate with people and create meetings without texting, then don’t use SMS SPAM to text me. If you were an honest business you wouldn’t practice such shady practices. You’re just the same as Gather - In Real a Life (Same people signed off for this app and everything) so I hope you’ll get taken off the App Store soon.

Spamming contact lists?

Pretty sure this app is just a way to collect phone numbers. I received a text saying I've been complimented" from a number out of California. I don't live nor know anyone from CA. Sounds like to me it's a data collection method. I have no interest in using the app, but getting texts and after reading other reviews, looks like an easy way for the devs to collect personal info.


Spammy app. Got a weird text saying a “friend” apparently gave this app access to my contact info, then when I downloaded the app to see who it was it wouldn’t even show me. Don’t use my information before I when explicitly sign up. Deleting this garbage.

thanks for the spam

This app just wants access to your contacts so it can spam them and collect information. cool A+ great!

Total scam, just data collection

This app is clearly just collecting legit phone numbers and whatever other data people are willing to share. The initial 'noms' are obviously fake.

No no no no no!

First off I didn’t have this app but was spammed multiple texts messages from it saying someone complimented me. My phone number is not some toy for you to send multiple annoying messages to hoping I will download your app. I don’t care if someone I know downloaded your app that does not give you some right to my number. This app may be helpful to some people but leave those who have not downloaded it or want it out of the equation. It feels like an invasion of privacy and trust of the consumer. People don’t know how to make the spamming stop. We don’t want to click on your sketchy link or have to text the number telling it to stop. We didn’t ask for it so it shouldn’t be our responsibility. The developers need to find a way to fix this before someone copies the “someone complimented you” messages and uses them as a way to hack someone’s phone. To be honest when this started that’s what I thought it was, a hacker or some strange ploy to get my info. I don’t trust the way this app runs nor do I like that this app has my contact information when I never gave it to them or gave permission for them to use it. I don’t care if my “friend” nominated me. The nomination aspect should only be between those who have your app. To summarize.... if I’m not the one giving you my contact information or permission to use it DONT! You say you aren’t spam but the fact still remains that your app collects information on people who don’t have your app and then messages them through a private number that you never should have had access to!


Alright I randomly got a text saying I was complimented and I wanted to find out what it meant, but after reading reviews I saw that it gets into your contacts and provides very little privacy, and this isn’t something I’d like to get into

Needs something

I like it, just still scared that’s it’s going to be a scam and hack my stuff but that’s just my anxiety because it ask for contacts. It’s great for people who always have stuff going on but not for people who don’t I wish they had more stuff to do the app like quizzes or things to do with your friends on the app too if you can’t hang in person

Absolute garbage

SEND ME ONE MORE TEXT MESSAGE JESUS CHRIST. I don’t want ur app ever stop texting me “to turn SMS off download the app and turn on push notifs” I stg I’m contacting authorities next time I get a text

Stop the spam!!

Not sure why I’m getting texts from this app, and all of my contacts

Predatory tactics

This app uses luring tactics to make you download it. I've been getting constant texts that someone's "complimenting me" with a link to their app. It seems to be yet another app to stir high school drama and it drags other teens into it with unsolicited text messages. And worst part is I can't get the stupid texts to stop!! I downloaded the app to see what it was and it won't let you do anything without sharing your phone number, birthday, full name, location, high school, gender, and your ENTIRE contact list. Hence the annoying texts to people who don't have the app. Don't share anything with this app but especially not your full contact list!!! It gives them access to your friends, family, doctors, employers, and whoever else is on your contacts. Again this app is predatory and lures in vulnerable teens to give away loads of personal information in return for hollow meaningless compliments.

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