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It is the best

Won’t let me enter my name!

Says the first name has to be at least 2 characters. You do know there are some of us with 1 letter names right?! (Not a joke) I’m tired of the discrimination! 1 Star


I can even get past the “what grade are you in” process, it just keeps me on a spinning wheel.🤨


I got a text saying “someone complimented you” pretty sure it’s a lie and the app is trying to play on my need to feel good about myself

I don’t really don’t get the point of this app

I mean u can just get on text message

Great app

Great app

Cured my blindness and paint addiction

This app has cured my blindness. I cannot thank the makers of this app enough for this. But I give this a 3 star is because it cured my paint addiction, but the problem with that is I love paint I traded my first born child for a gallon of paint therefor curing my addiction makes that sacrifice seem worthless. Therefor I give a three star and I ask the creators of the app to give me my child back. So I can sell him to the circus and make some money.

A question

How can I see the nominator? How can I know the one who sent me a compliment?

App Store rules violation

Your app send user invites via “send noms” user flow . It’s in direct violation of the new App Store guideline (see 5.1.2/v). Please change it as you are in risk of a ban from Apple

Bait & Switch

This app seems to garner downloads with a bait & switch method. I kept receiving text messages saying “someone has nominated you”. I finally downloaded the app to simply understand who was nominating me. When I attempt to find who nominated me, you have to “request a reveal”. Now it’s in limbo of “request sent”. Seems like a shame as the app could be cool but starts the relationship on a sham.


The reason it’s a five star is because you can tell the people in your contacts nice things and they won’t know who u are.

Text Messages

When some one recommends your app to other people....the app sends a text messages, which costs 25 cents per message for people who do not have free text plans....who is gonna pay that??? It can add up Fix that please

“Ig we’ll see”

Literally just downloaded this about 5 minutes ago but it already seems fun. Pretty much no issues so far. Seems like an entertaining way to connect to ppl through a device. Again tho, just downloaded it so ig we’ll see


So Intuitive, colorful, & fun!!! Just learning how to use this amazing utility; looking forward to more time on it... Thank GOD for Apps which increase productivity and usher in a more beautiful future for ALL! Thanks 🙏🏽! 🤗🤓🦄😈🙊


They take numbers from your contacts and spam message them saying someone has nominated them for something just to get them to download it.


Title says it all. Don’t send people text messages, even if the person who picked me “allows” it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some poor sap who didn’t know what they were doing. If someone wants to tell me about an app, (which I doubt they would, no app is that good) THEY can text me about it. I don’t want a text from the app or its developers telling me about the app. It’s invasive. And don’t give me the crap you’ve been giving other people, such as “we’re sorry you feel this way,” because what you are doing is, BY DEFINITION, spam. According to Merriam-Webster, spam is “unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as emails, text messages, or internet postings) send to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places.” It’s not me “feeling” this way, what you are doing is textbook spam. If you REALLY want to do something like that for marketing, do it through Facebook since people send requests on there all the time. I’ll ignore it anyway, but at least it won’t be as invasive as sending a text message. I bet I won’t even get a reply because they know I’m right, but don’t threaten me by saying that these are “reckless” claims like you did with that other guy. It just makes you a bully, and you’re trying to bully him out of telling the truth. Get your app off the App Store. I’ll be reporting you to Apple regardless. Edit: I’ve already texted stop and tried to block the number and you still just change the number and text me again. I’m not sending you an email because I don’t want you to get that nor my phone number because lord knows what you’ll use that for. Nobody I know uses this app, and even if they did they wouldn’t “nominate” me (especially not willingly - I suspect you do it without permission). If the purpose of this app is to communicate with people and create meetings without texting, then don’t use SMS SPAM to text me. If you were an honest business you wouldn’t practice such shady practices. You’re just the same as Gather - In Real a Life (Same people signed off for this app and everything) so I hope you’ll get taken off the App Store soon, just like that did.

Spam Advertisers.

I got a random text message claiming someone had complimented me on this app. I’d never even heard of it before. The fact that I had to make a brand new account to see this compliment simply proved that this was a fake advertisement and a trap for people to get hooked on the app. I don’t tolerate manipulation of consumers and am doing everything I can do to spread awareness of the BS that is this app. I don't care if it’s actually a very nice social networking app, I despise it beyond words because of the lies it tell it’s users, and will not partake in it.

I love it

IRL is such a nice app i have never had issues with and i enjoy getting positive notes from my besties through this app.

Horrible App

This app is horrible it spams your messages and inbox without going into spam and also messages u with random numbers try blocking a # they’ll just message with another #


Leave me the frick alone

Da best app

This app makes me have a happy vibe

I love love love this app

I love this app because it is perfect for creating events to do with your family or friends. It is also great because you can send “noms” which I love because I can compliment my friends and family with a tap of a bottom and it amazing!!!! For example for chilling like a couch villain I chose my sister because she is always sitting on the couch. Anyway I love this app and if you are reading this you will LOVE this app!


So much fun. Not a robot promise but I love this game!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂❤️❤️❤️

I 💖 irl

I love irl because it’s a great way to plan stuff with your friends.💝💞💖💘

Won’t stop messaging me.

So today at 10:36 I got a message saying that somebody complemented me on the app. I replied with “STOP” at 10:46 when I saw the message because I wasn’t interested in the app. As soon as I sent “STOP” I got ANOTHER MESSAGE from a different number saying what irl is. Clearly if I said “STOP” to the original message I didn’t want the app. My questions are 1) why won’t they take no for an answer and 2) why do all your responses to reviews have typos in them?? Seems very unprofessional and makes it look even more like a scam when a “large and safe company” can’t even spell the conjunction “it’s” right.

By CharLatté


Tbh its so chill and actually kinda funny.

So far this app has been the reincarnation of me as an app.

Not good

Don’t connect to your contacts!!! It literally messaged everyone I’m my contacts to join irl!!! Soooooo stupid

Not working

I can't even enter my number to get in!!☹️☹️


This app has texted my personal cell phone for days now! This app takes information from one of my phone contacts and sends text message spam to users on their contact list. It’s ridiculous! I really don’t care how good this app is or what it does, the fact is that this app will without your knowledge, send spam to your contact list. When you use your contact list in the app IRL gets all your contacts. Do you really want your family to get spam all the time?Look it up, there’s already been complaints online about this. I do not give my phone number out often, and it’s unsettling that an app I didn’t even sign up for can use my information from one of my friends. I don’t even know which friend! Who knows if they sell this information to other companies/organizations. This needs to stop.

Needs released android version

None of my friemds will download the app because the android version is still in beta :( This app seems wonderful, but it's kinda useless without friends


so i’m still getting the hang of this app but it seems pretty neat and it’s a way to get to know/hang with friends

it’s weird

it’s basically tell your opinion on people, and some people don’t like that. kinda boring.

Good but dry

Need more ppl‼️

Spammy 💩🔥

Frequently get random spam texts from this dumpster fire of an app (I’ve never even used it). App exhibits hopping of from numbers to avoid native blocking techniques, much like spammers/scammers. Report them to your carrier.


My friends and I are pretty sloppy when it comes to meeting up and hanging out, but with irl it just got a whole lot easier. (It’s also great for date ideas)


Random text messages from this app I never heard of. Spamming me. No idea what they mean or how they received my information.

Best app ever

This app is the best you get to catch up with all of your friends so you won’t just be sitting at home. It’s great download it 😉☺️

Good but needs improvement

I like this app and it is very fun it just kinda siked me out when I got a text from a random number saying you have been picked by someone on irl as ____________ They definitely need to get more things to do on it. But other than that great app fun to do when you are bored! 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄⭐️❤️

Don't download.

Shouldn't be getting a text from a random number telling me to download something to see who said something about me or whatever it was. Yes I downloaded it just to leave a review. Not a good way to get your app out. It would be better if whoever (probably no one) sent the invite originally had it sent from THEIR number. Not a bot number. And you are definitely not getting any of my info LOL.


Good way to connect with friends

Love it

This is a great app! I love how I can connect with my friends it is so great. The only thing is I am in 7th grade but in the sign up process I clicked 6th grade and I cannot change it.

They texted me out of nowhere

They texted me out of nowhere and gave me a link to this app so I'm giving it 1 star. You're welcome. 😂

Thumbs up👍

I just got it like less than an hour ago so far so good, lovin it❤️👌💕

Not a scam lol

Totally thought it was a scam. It actually a really cool way to appreciate and be appreciated


Why do I need a phone number I thought I can skip it and who sent this to me? Also I will look and see if you’re on CNBC

Literally spam

You know those spam emails like hot russian singles in your area or Linda the psychic has a reading for you? Yeah will this app is like a source for spam text messages.


I’ve gotten spam texts from this app leading here, and from what I can tell it just automatically spams your whole friends list without regard to the user. I would never recommend this app, as it’ll likely just humiliate you. Edit: the developers responded, however the person who sent me the sms didn’t ask for it to be sent, and this is a common problem with this app after reading about it online/reviews. They spam people with texts and call it “marketing”

Just wow

When I first heard of irl I though it was just a way to start another fight for popularity due to the voting and noms, but it turns out it’s totally different!!! You can nom your friend anonymous just to compliment them on their awesomeness. Just to make people feel good! It is also such a cute and fun way to plan activities with friends, the animations are so cute! I just had an idea, what if you have a list part, where with the invite you swipe right and you can look up and place little animations of the things you/they need to bring? I just think that would add even more. Thanks so much I love it!😍😍😍😍😍


This app continues to Harass my phone with text messages from changing number regardless of if I block the numbers.

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