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IRL is so much fun, I love it, it helps me enjoy time with my friends. I’m not on my phone at much because I’m with my friends!!!😃

Cool concept

I’m not rlly on my phone enough to make good use of this app, but it’s a great idea for people who do use their phones frequently and want to keep social interactions organized/separate

Wonderful concept

A social to connect people instead of divide them with the concepts of “followers” etc. Love this app!:)

The perfect app

The irl app has everything you need. You can plan events, invite friends and send out some positivity. Is simple but has limitless uses.

Contact list abuse

This is really serious abuse of people's contact list to get downloads. I have been getting abstract messages saying someone sent you an invite without mentioning who that person is. Apparently the plan is to get people curious enough to download the app . I didn't sync my contact list just so they don't sent invites to everyone and further continue the abuse. This is Candy crush invites all over again and sadly there's nothing you can do to stop this. I hope Apple realizes this sooner than later and stop this garbage of an app from further spreading.

Cool app, but sends spam

After I got this app I started getting 4x the amount of fake phone calls than I did before after I entered my number.

Verified the app sends out texts to contacts without authorization

After hearing rumors about this app sending texts with their download link to a user’s contact list without the person authorizing this, I decided to do a test. Test details: Bought a cheap smartphone on a minute plan from Walmart. Added this number to the contacts of my phone. Called number to verify correct number. 15 minutes later, I used my real phone (iPhone 8+) to make an IRL account via the app. Allowing this app to see contact information, location, and send notifications to my iPhone. I look through the app, see I apparently have a few nominations, but that’s all. I did not tap any item asking to share IRL with friends. 1 hour passes. After 1:30 minutes, my brand new phone gets a text message with the following: “You’ve been invited! See more: [download link for iPhone and for android] Due to this being a brand new phone with a number that has not been used before, I can conclude that this application not only read my contacts to see who I may know, but they also have sent out an ad via text using my contact information that I did not authorize. Please inform where this authorization takes place or remove it from your application.


I only downloaded this app so I could write this review. Stop f¥€<ing texting me. I’ve never use your app and I don’t know anybody who does, and I don’t want to keep seeing your text messages come onto my phone saying that somebody has complimented me or other BS. I think it’s funny that I see people post snapshots of your texts on Facebook saying that it is sex trafficking trying to find people LOL and while I don’t think your company is that devious, I am tired of getting text messages from random numbers trying to get me to download this app. Your sales tactics probably work but I was annoying as fuc I think it’s funny that I see people post snapshots of your texts on Facebook saying that it is sex trafficking trying to find people LOL and while I don’t think your company is that devious, I am tired of getting text messages from random numbers trying to get me to download this app. Your sales tactics are annoying and make me hate your app. 1 star- LEAVE ME ALONE!!!


So far I’m having so much fun with this creative app!


This app is a virus that sends texts to your contacts without proper permission. Do not fall for the text messages; they are all fake.


I received a text message from this app, saying I was nominated. But I never download nor use the app before how were they able to get my information? And hence nominate me?

What the heck? SPAM

I got a message saying someone ‘nomd’ me or whatever the heck. And I don’t have loose friends okay. I don't have my number on other social medias. I’m very reserved, I hate internet. How did this app get my number? No one has my number... this has to be SPAM!!!! THE FRICK How did I get notified from an app that my close knit circle doesn't even have? Must be spam. This is bogus and ridiculous.

This app sends messages to your family

This app sends messages to your family inviting them to the application without my permission. I read the other comments and figured it wasn’t true, low and behold my mother gets an invite message as I’m on her phone helping her with something. This app should be banned this is malware !!! 😡🤬


This app sends messages without any details. Got a random text from a number I don’t know asking me to download the app and join. Doesn’t say who it is from or anything. As far as I’m concerned, it is spam. I would be more likely to join at least if I know who gave my number or wanted to invite me.


I really like this app! The giveaways are really great and the nominations and invites are really neat.👍

Pretty cool

I've never won anything before apart from $1 scratch offs, but i recently won movie tickets through this app. Loving it so far! I'll be using this to setup future family plans. No complaints.

No, too creepy.

Use a cryptic, anonymous text as way to getting people to download your app is creepy. What the hell does this app even do? Why should I bother downloading it? No. No way. Go away


Get a random text download app and good luck figuring out who sent it. Scary creepy.


Best App, it’s so convenient when trying to either figure out what to do or where to go and who wants to do what lol. I give it a thumbs up!!!

Wow! New app!

Pretty cool, I just wish you could choose only people you have plans with could see your location

irl app

very lovely !

Spam texts?

I’m just going to assume that any app that sends spam texts to try to get you to download it has earned a one star rating.

It’s gonna be a no from me dog

Any app that takes contacts from one person and sends texts to everyone in the list to advertise will not get anything more than one star from me.

Spams your friends

I have received multiple texts from this app because “someone complimented me” this is a complete scam that just sends spam to everyone in your contacts list

Dangerous & outright ridiculous.

If you got a text message with the invite saying, “someone complimented you” take a minute and think about how in the world someone could complement you when you’re not already on that app. Then take a moment to think about how the hell they got your phone number- basically don’t instal for that sole purpose. If you do decide to install I highly. HIGHLY. Suggest you read the privacy policy and terms of service on the first menu, asking you to ‘enter your phone number’ click those little blank links before you continue- they want to take all your info, your IP, your contacts, your personal information— that’s how you contribute to the constant spam emails calls and texts that go out. So please, think about it. Also think about how strange it is that an app developer opens a app for kids “12+” and wants them to fill out everything from their phone number to their personal location, schools, friends, contacts. Yeah that’s fishy- this info will most certainly be sold to third party, and that can lead you to a whole heap of trouble. Don’t download, I’m surprised as hell that apple allowed this app to even go public.

Horrible app

I never write reviews but this one is so bad that I just had to. Apple need to remove it from the app store

So far so good,

So far so good,


How do I know? Well the data does not delete when deleting app and account bc its in your cloud “backup”. Also account may not delete, just glitches when badge is deleted.


Even after I have deleted it’s still texting me “You’ve been complimented” LIKE STOP I DONT GIVE A CRAP.


At first I thought Irl seemed a little weird but then I started looking more into it and it's pretty cool. It's an easy way to help me and my friends set up events.

Garbage app

Spams my phone number with bs like “ somebody liked you see who”. Dont support apps that spam phone numbers with manipulative garbage like this.

Anonymous Compliments too Sketchy

Hello, this app looks nice. I’d actually play with it more if it didn’t seem sketchy as all heck. If a friend wants to “compliment” me, I need to know which friend it is. This is a matter of privacy. The company has stated they hold back the name of the person who sent the nomination because they want to keep their data private. This disregards the fact that by not telling you who sent it, you are invading my privacy by stealing my phone number and texting me without consent. If you simply tell the user who sent these nominations, I won’t feel so scammed. As it stands, the fact you don’t makes this sound incredibly sketchy. Until this is resolved, I am marking this down as “spam marketing” and will have to report it in a few days.

Most annoying app ever

I first learned about this app when I got a spam SMS message telling me I’d been “nominated”, and with a link to this App Store page. Apple should not allow apps that spam people like this. Don’t dishonor your family by downloading this absolutely terrible app.

IRL app and my opinion

I’m new but i think it’s cool i like the whole idea of it

Annoyingly Persistent

I keep getting unsolicited texts from IRL on both my Google Voice phone number and regular telephone number. No longer receiving texts would be MUCH APPRECIATED.

Stop soliciting

Stop sending me fake texts


I don’t own this app but I keep getting texts from it saying I have been nominated or something like that. The creepy part is that they are using my name! I have never signed into the app but somehow they know my phone number and my name!

Stop sending me messages

I don’t know who gave this app my phone number, but I am constantly getting messages about this app. I would really appreciate it if this could stop.

Purely exists to spread vapid “noms”

There is no content on this app

Always spam me.

Always get spam texts from this app and I never even got it.


Due to the Trojan nature of the app, I’m now being regularly spammed with text messages about this app. And the sending phone number changes every time, so I can’t simply block it. So my personal cell phone number was opted-in without my consent, and I don’t trust the developer enough to reply “N” to “opt out,” because that will probably cause more spam. Apple should seriously remove this scam app.

SPAMMERS! This company sent me dozens of unsolicited text messages to my cell phone.....

This company got a hold of my private phone number and have been illegally texting me “You’ve been sent a compliment! See it here:...” texts to my number (not sure how they got it in the first place), as part of their spamming marketing campaign to try and have me download their app. I finally went to the link and downloaded their app so I can expose them by leaving them this honest review. This company’s business practice is unethical and they should be removed from the App Store. I obviously am not the only one, see the other reviews that claim the same.

Why is this texting me?

No idea what this app is, or why it texts me. Leave me alone!

Spams your contacts with a fake invite! Be aware!!!

This app sends fake invites to people to trick them into signing up. Be aware and don’t download.

Scam beware

They will blow up all your contacts when you download the app, that’s how it’s spreading so quickly. They will do it without your permission.

Don’t download this app

The only reason why I’ve downloaded this app and wrote this review is because I’ve gotten an automated text message from what I’m assuming is one of the developers. It said “You’ve been sent a compliment! See it here:” with links to download the app for either iOS or Android. It also said to text the letter N to opt how, however, when I’d try to send the message iMessage would just give me a Not Delivered error message. This is extremely sketchy, I would not recommend anyone download the app due to this.


How in the world does this app have my number and why do they keep texting


God will find a way... you’re part of the plan. Stay strong for us all.

Data Mining App

If you’re going to spam text me, you should at least tell me who the person who gave you my number is without requiring an account. I never signed up for this app and have no idea who keeps spamming me with invites to it.

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